Couple Counseling

Couple Psychotherapy

Relationships are dynamic, changing over time. They involve two separate individuals coming together to create a third entity: the couple. Each individual comes into a relationship with their own histories, patterns, feelings, and behaviors. All couples have difficulties and struggles. Sometimes, it may feel that your relationship has gone beyond that. My approach to couple therapy combines a focus on addressing and understanding patterns of communication and intimacy, as well as addressing underlying patterns that affect both partners, that may be out of your awareness.

I help people with:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Difficulties with intimacy and sex
  • Approaches to parenting that are in conflict
  • Infertility issues and adoption
  • Parenting issues
  • Disagreements over money
  • Infidelity and affairs
  • Distance, detachment and alienation

It is not uncommon for one partner to initially be more inclined to get help than another. I will work with you as a couple to forge an alliance in which you can learn more about yourself as an individual and as someone in a partnership. My role is not to take sides, but to help you reconnect with yourselves and with each other, for the sake of the relationship. In our work together I will give attention to patterns of communication and behavior that may interfere with your relationship. I will also address deep or long-lasting struggles that have been difficult to recognize and resolve. Through the process of couple therapy, you may develop a more intimate and satisfying relationship, improved communication and collaboration in decision-making, deepened feelings of understanding for yourself and your partner, and more. Also, when separation is what is decided upon, couple therapy may lead to a healthier process of separation.